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New Technology to be Implemented in 2016
Driving a loaded truck past a rocky cliff

A fully loaded transport vehicle
February 2016   One of the biggest goals for Professional Auto Transport in 2016 is to increase driver safety and improve driving behaviors. To support this, we are in the process of implementing new technology in our trucks.

First, we have fully implemented PeopleNet, a Fleet Management system that has many features that our prior systems did not have, such as Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, messaging, and more robust ECM data. With this technology now in our trucks, we can recognize any truck issues at a moment's notice, and address it accordingly.

Next, we are installing a driver assistance device in all trucks that integrates with the event recorder. This device reads the truck's following distance and lane awareness, and will alert the driver when they are following too close or leaving their lane without signaling. This technology will help prevent collisions before they happen. We plan to have this technology installed in all of our trucks by the end of March.

Last, we are installing event recorders in our entire fleet. These event recorders capture video footage when triggered by hard braking, excessive side-to-side movement, or exceeding a preset maximum speed. The event recorder will help us identify and coach employee driving behaviors, and expedite the claims settlement process.

Our investment in this new technology will help us meet our goal to be the safest trucking company on the road. We are looking forward to a great year!


Michael Floyd
Operations Manager
Professional Auto Transport